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How Healthy Hair = a Healthy Body

How Healthy Hair = a Healthy Body

Your doctor, even your stylist can tell if something is amiss with your health. Whether its stress, a nutritional deficiency, your immune system is maxed out or a number of other health issues.

If you're like us, you probably think about your hair everyday. Too dry, too oily, split ends, brittleness, refusing to grow and most stressing - hair loss. This is common to all of us but when we start to notice a 'bad hair day' means more than just needing a good shampooing, its time to think about the connection to your weary locks and your overall health.  

Here are a few ways you can tell whether your hair changes are due to a health problem, genetics, stress, or a nutritional deficiency and how to remedy the situation on your own. 

Stress (and aging) Can Cause Grey Hair

Have you noticed whenever a new president comes into office the number one indicator that his job is incredibly stressful is his hair begins to grey in a very short period of time! Studies suggest that chronic stress definitely contribute to graying hair by causing DNA damage and reducing the supply of pigment-producing cells in hair follicles. Stress can also cause hair to become dull, lifeless and yes, even fallout. A hair mask or treatment can improve the condition of your hair dramatically along with natural supplements

A natural part of aging is seeing your hair turn grey. This happens when your hair follicles produce less pigmented color but our genes also play a role in when your hair turns gray. How old were your parents when their hair began to go grey? 

Hair Thinning Could Be a Sign of Thyroid Disease

If you have been diagnosed with  hypothyroidism (a condition that occurs when your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones), you might be noticing an increase in your hair shedding and a change in hair appearance, like no luster, very dry and more frizzy for those with curls or waves in their hair. A nourishing system for hair growth can be a remedy that's affordable and one you can manage at home without a visit to the doctors office. 

Surprisingly, about 5% of the US population of people over the age of 12 live with hypothyroidism, although most cases are mild. Even the mildest cases however can cause thinning hair and other symptoms, such as tiredness, cold intolerance, joint pain, muscle pain, a puffy face, and weight gain. 

In addition to thinning hair, certain thyroid disorders put you at risk for an autoimmune hair-loss condition called alopecia areata (think of the actress Jada Pinkett and her new book 'Worthy' about her life with alopecia). This type of hair loss which can be devastating to women especially, happens when the immune system attacks hair follicles. 

Hair Shedding - Could It Be Anemia or Protein Deficiency? 

Are you pulling handfuls of hair out of your brush or your drains in the shower and bathroom sink? Well, this could be a sign that your body has low iron stores, or anemia, and you might want to have this tested. With the massive spike in veganism in the US, and those women who have heavy periods, both see an increase the chance that hair changes are due to their low iron.

It’s not completely known why low iron can cause hair loss, but iron is critical for many biological and chemical reactions, perhaps including hair growth studies have shown and if your doctor determines that you are truly iron deficient, eating more foods rich in iron or taking an iron supplement, might help with hair loss.


Hair shedding can also happen (temporarily) with sudden changes in estrogen levels and is often noticed after pregnancy or stopping birth control pills. and yes, peri and post menopausal women is an increase in hair shedding and some hair loss as well. There are amazing products right here on Rich & Bold that can help with this naturally but be sure to check with your physician first. 


Protein is essential for hair health and growth (a lack of protein has been linked to hair thinning and loss). Protein deficiency can be a problem for some Americans, again, due to vegan diets, as most adults need 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. As we age, women especially need to increase their levels of protein for stronger bone density and to fight off infections. Good sources of protein include nonfat Greek yogurt, tilapia, chickpeas, and chicken breast.

Some people who have gastrointestinal issues such as IBS and others, may have problems digesting protein, but most hair thinning, even in women, is likely due to genetics and/or hormonal changes. 

A Good Reason to Wear Extensions & Wigs - Heat Styling Wrecks Hair

With the growing trends in hair fashion, the use of flat iron or repeat blowouts, can certainly damage your hair, making it dry, brittle, and hard to maintain. taking a break from hair damaging tools and embracing the convenience and good-for-your-hair days with extensions and wigs is fast becoming the go-to for women of all ages. Wigs designed at a medical grade are also becoming more requested and R&B has a wide array of beautiful styles. 

The issue with these types of tool is, when applying heat to your hair, you have to remember to always use products with protective ingredients. Serums and shine drops tend to have qualities that preserve the hair when using direct and indirect heat which can greatly improve the condition of your hair while using these styling tools. 

Highly treated hair may mask certain problems and make it difficult to see or feel what your hair can tell you about your health. Avoid this altogether and add alternatives to your routine and save the health of your locks while looking perfectly chic too. 

Always know that we have a wealth of insight on the health of your hair, ways to treat and manage hair loss and we're eager to assist anyone on their journey to hair wellness - just follow us on our Instagram or Facebook channels, or feel free to reach out directly, we'd love to work with you on your hair health and even customize a gorgeous wig styled just for you. 


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