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Bulk, Stray Hair Applicator

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Make things easier for yourself and achieve results like never before - by pressing the pump, you can achieve even, economical hair thickening on the crown, hairline and receding hairlines. Compatible with hair tins. To do this, simply unscrew the strainer from the can and replace it with the pump applicator. Done!

6.4 oz.

The special spray attachment is particularly suitable for covering smaller, exposed areas precisely yet naturally. This allows you to give finished hairstyles the perfect finish without making them look very covered up.

The use of microfibers, particularly on the back of the head, can be a challenge. With the spray attachment, you have just the right help. This makes it as easy to use as with hairspray. The applicator sprays the fine microfibers evenly onto the desired area. We recommend this small, one-time investment to all users.

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