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Hair Extensions Anti-Static Brush

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Your hair, as well as your extensions, require proper care in order to look perfect. Brushing is definitely one of the most important part of hair maintenance in general and it also makes your extensions last for a much longer time.

Brushing your hair (and extensions) with the right tools is extremely important. Gone are the times when you had static hair that would ruin your pictures or brushes that would leave your head pretty much bald from all the pulling. The solution? The Anti-Static Brush!

Available in Pink or Black

• Width: 2.36" (6 cm)
• Length: ~8.5 inch (22 cm)
• Weight: 75 - 100 grams
• Type: Hair comb
• Prevents hair loss that results from the hair pulling
• Antistatic design ensures even brushing and less tangling
• Recommended by professional hair stylists and salons
• Extends the lifespan of your hair extensions
• Bulk (wholesale) and retail orders are welcome

The loop brush can be used on all hair types and textures and its special features make it a lot easier to comb your hair. If you experienced hair pulling or breaking, using a loop brush will prevent that from happening and you won’t have to worry about hair loss ever again. Static in your hair can also be very annoying and it ruins your hairstyle. Using this antistatic hairbrush will instantly solve all of your static problems. Combing becomes even more important when you have extensions. 


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