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Hair Shader - Base Powder Thickens Thin Hair

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With the hair shader, light hair is visually thickened within seconds. The hair-thickening powder creates a natural shadow on the scalp so that shimmering scalp is covered. The hair shader is a multifunctional product for thickening, concealing and covering grey hair for men and women.

Available in Light Brown and Dark Brown.

1.5 oz.

It is currently recommended in beauty magazines to conceal and cover thin areas of hair. In this way, an outgrowing hairline can be adjusted between dyeing without straining the hair and delaying the next hairdressing appointment.

As a hair thickener, it shades the scalp and thus reduces the shine of the scalp. This makes the hair appear significantly thicker. Combined with bulk hair, it is the most effective solution for temporary hair thickening. While loose hair thickens the hair, the hair shader can be used on the scalp.

Made in Germany.

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