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Heat Wand & Iron for Extensions

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Fuse and apply hair extensions with ease. Pick from various fusion options, including our latest: ultrasonic cold fusion tool, which remains cool throughout the process and leaves no burns!

Available in Model #600, #611 and #618

Pink or Black (Model #600 Only)

This machine is used to connect fusion hair extension bonds. The extensions that should be used are Remy human hair with a keratin tip. You can either use a nail bond or a flat-tipped bond. When you use this device, your client will experience a heatless fusion bond. This is ideal for women with thin hair, as the bond is placed on the hair, and this ultrasonic iron tool is used to fuse the bond to the hair. Just a few seconds is enough for the bond to melt so that you can roll it and make it a cylinder or a flat tip. The fusions application process takes 2 to 4 hours since it’s a strand-by-strand extension method.

What is so innovative about this hair connector is that it has an ultrasonic wave. Since it’s plugged into the wall, you might think it will produce some type of heat, but it doesn’t create it in the way you would think. With this machine, your client should experience no heat at all. You can completely concentrate on your work without fearing you might accidentally burn your client, and both of you will feel much more relaxed during the process.

  • The latest innovation in the industry.
  • Apply fusion hair extensions without any heat.
  • Burn free application

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