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Loose Hair Cotton Fibers for Hair Loss

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With the absolutely compatible fidentia premium stray hair, you can conceal light, fine hair and effectively conceal both parting, hairline and shimmering scalp. It is easy to apply to the hair and makes it appear dense again. Loose hair is made from small vegetable fibers that are made from cotton.

4 oz.

Color: Dark Brown

The colored cotton fibers are electrostatic-charged in a complex process. As a result, thousands and thousands of fibers adhere to your own hair like branches during use. Loose hair can be used wherever your own hair is still present. It is suitable for hair thickening during or after chemotherapy and hair transplant.

In the case of stress-, diet-related, hormonal or age-related hair loss, as well as androgenic alopecia and circular hair loss, it effectively conceals light spots in the hair. Loose hair is also suitable for concealing an outgrowing or gray hairline.

Made in Germany.

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