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Remy I-Tip Hair Extensions - Deep Wave Styles

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Do you want to avoid various hot fusion methods or short-term alternatives? Worry no more and try I-tip hair extensions. You can apply our i-tips without any heat and enjoy the benefits of long-lasting hair extensions. I-tip extensions are made from the highest-quality hair for a soft, touchable, natural look.

Complement your hair color or add highlights in one or more tints. Every natural shade, from brown to blonde, comes in darker to lighter variations. Pick a tone that matches yours closely unless you want to display dramatic differences.

Length: 16 to 24 inches

Did you notice how celebrities go from short bobs one month and flaunting surprisingly generous flowing locks the next? Well, you have just glimpsed at the i-tip hair extension magic. Now’s your turn to live your Rapunzel fantasy! All by adding length and fullness to your tresses without waiting impatiently for natural growth.

The I-tip extensions are attached with the cold fusion method without heat. Essentially, you insert the additional hair through a micro-tube / micro ring and then secure everything with pliers. It's a simple hair extension application.

  • Begin by parting the hair into horizontal sections at the temple. Remember that you will have to leave space for multiple horizontal attachment layers. Therefore, creating the first layer in the upper neck region is recommended, just below the ear. Then, set the next layer of extensions at the ear level.
  • Insert the hair hook through the tube so that the tube attaches firmly to its lower portion.
  • Separate the hair into sections that can slide effortlessly through the tubing.
  • Attach the extensions with the strands approximately 1 inch from the root. Please do not keep them too close, as they could stress your hair.
  • Pull your natural hair strands through the tube attached to the hook.
  • Now insert the I-tip extensions through the tube so that it now holds strands of both original and additional hair.
  • Finally, use the hair extension pliers to flatten the ends of the tube, firmly holding the hair.

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