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Remy Premium Plus Invisible Tape-In Hair Extensions - Straight

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Do you want the freedom to quickly increase your hair volume and length with zero hassle? Maybe without the hassle of micro loops? Our all human tape-in hair extensions may be just what you're looking for! 

Tape-in hair extensions have gained popularity due to their easy application compared to fusion hair extensions. They are a simple and convenient method to boost your locks. Stop waiting for your real strands to grow.

Our Remy tape-in hair extensions using real human hair. Therefore, they will blend seamlessly with your natural locks. In addition to that, our durable tapes will stay put forever, yet are easy to remove.

Tape-in extensions are made of high-quality Remy human hair, the best you can get when it comes to hair extensions. With a variety of lengths up to 30 inches long, you can get a dramatic look for a special event like a wedding or a photo shoot, or just switch up your style whenever you want.

Because of the high-quality human hair that is used for tape-in extensions, the hair feels so soft that you won't be able to stop touching them. However, having the best Remy hair is not enough!

What is invisible tape? For tape-in extensions to be called invisible (or transparent), the sticky part of the tape-in extensions must be made of special material. It’s one of a barely visible kind. it’s all about the style and one’s ability to fully hide their hair extensions. In case of a heavy wind or any other inconveniences, people around you will never know that you rock tape-in extensions! Just looks seamless. These tape-in extensions can be reused and can last 1 -2  years if cared for properly.

It does not matter if this is your first- or third time installing tape-in hair extensions. Most of them have one flaw. The tape itself isn’t that good and tends to peel-away after few washes. Well, we’ve had over ten years to solve this issue for our customers!

Select our extremely strong, yet easy to remove the tape and stop stressing out. We use a special, water-resistant formula! In other words, shower with ease and forget about the drawbacks of tape-in hair extensions.

Clean Your Hair

  1. Preparation starts with washing your own hair. With a clarifying shampoo twice so, it’s squeaky clean.
  2. Don’t use cold or extremely hot water. The aim here is to remove dirt, oil, styling product residue and buildup.
  3. Do not slack on this step! It will help extensions stick better.
  4. Dry hair completely. Use a towel or a blow-dryer

Short on time? Cleanse just the areas where you’ll attach strips. Part your locks into sections according to the next step. Pour alcohol on a cotton ball. Sweep it lightly across parting lines. However, please avoid overusing alcohol to prevent harsh dryness and root damage.

Section Hair

  1. Work with two mirrors or trade-off extension application favors with friends.
  2. For longer or thicker additions, start one or two inches from your neck’s base.
  3. Part your lowest strands with a rat-tail comb in a straight horizontal stroke.
  4. Pin the upper hair on top of your head with the bottom hanging below.
  5. Just under the parting line, separate a thin segment matching the attachment’s width.

To add a few color highlights, draw a horizontal parting line just below your crown. Lower it if your hair is thin in that area. Also, avoid wispy areas close to your face. Keep in mind that thicker sections prevent extensions’ bonds from being visible.

Attach Tape Pieces

  1. Warm tape with a flat iron. Use a low heat setting unless stated otherwise.
  2. Peel the tape sticker away from the first two pieces.
  3. What we need to do is place one piece of tape at the bottom, stick it to your hair, and close the tape with one on top. Think of it as a sandwich.
  4. If you’re using invisible tape, the pieces will be barely visible.
  5. Starting from your neckline, stick the first extension on parted strands below the root enough to prevent scalp tension discomfort as hair moves.
  6. Use alligator clips to lift and hold first, tape a wide line of your hair.
  7. Gently add the tape as evenly as possible.
  8. Now release the clip and put the last tape on the top.
  9. Keep affixing strips to complete the first horizontal row.
  10. On the second thin row above, position a narrow segment of your hair to cover the first addition you placed slightly.
  11. Add another bundle over that section to sandwich your natural locks in between two extensions.

Rooted hair in the middle that’s too thick will reduce the adhesive’s secure hold. Align top and bottom extensions’ tape strips. Press bundle bonds together firmly. Repeat more rows upward toward your crown, stopping when you achieve your desired look. Reverse the order for highlights, working downward to your neck.

  • Highly recommend having a licensed stylist to remove tape ins.
  • If you prefer to do it yourself at home just purchase our tape in removal solution and spray on the tape and soak  both sides to break down the tape. Please follow the instructions on the bottle to remove the tape in carefully.
  • 14 inch
  • 18 inch
  • 20 inch
  • 24 inch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Recommendations for purchasing Tape Ins

  • For Thin hair purchase 20-40 pieces
  • For Medium hair purchase 40-60 pieces
  • For Thick hair purchase 80-100 pieces

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