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Vegan Hair Complex Tablets — Biotin, Zinc and Selenium

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With this European blend of premium hair complex tablets, you get a safe quality product. Each tablet contains an ideally balanced dose of 10 mg zinc, 2 mg biotin and 55 mcg selenium.

Vegan, cruelty-free. 

5.4 oz.

There are never any animal ingredients or sweeteners in the production process. Our tablets do not contain gelatin and are lactose-free. In addition, colorants and preservatives are consistently avoided.

Anyone affected by hair loss or thin hair is looking for causes and solutions to the problem. It is no longer a secret that a common cause of hair loss can be a lack of certain nutrients such as zinc, biotin and selenium. In addition, there are numerous other factors such as stress, hormonal changes, environmental pollution or a diet low in vital substances, which ensures an inadequate supply of the nutrients important for hair growth. Suitable for daily use.

Microcrystalline cellulose, zinc gluconate, fat powder, separating agents: tricalcium phosphate, biotin, sodium selenite

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