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5 Top Reasons Women Wear Hair Extensions

5 Top Reasons Women Wear Hair Extensions

Ever Wonder Why Hair Extensions Are So Popular?

Have you ever dreamed of long, flowing, luxurious hair but can't seem to get the long locks you want? Do you swipe and scroll through all the popular Instagram and TikTok accounts (psst... the Kardashian sisters) and think to yourself - dang! I want her hair! 

Why do women young and yes, even older, women rely on hair extensions to transform their look? The reasons are not what you might think! Here are our top 5 intentions as they relates to hair extensions (and you might be surprised by a few!).

1. We're Just So Over The Bad Hair Day Thing.

You're hearing me right? We've all been there, one day your hair looks pretty amazing and for the next two weeks you can't get it to do anything - too frizzy, too flat, too short, grey roots are showing... or maybe the weather is your nasty little beast, hot, humid temps or frigid cold and blasts of dry winter freeze ruining your hair care vibes. No matter what your precious tresses are ealing with, hair extensions provide that easy peasy solution so you can 'fake it till you make it' good hair day when our own natural locks refuse to play nice. 

2. You Weren't Blesses With Thick Tresses.

You know the girl, the one that can step out of the shower, add a little conditioner, brush her hair and viola! Her air-dried hair style looks better than anything you could spend hours trying to achieve. Ahhhh, the never ending search for volume and fullness. For women with fine hair, there's a real struggle to achieve a sense of thick, healthy hair.  Extensions not only add body and bounce to your hair, they give you the full, luscious looks you've always wanted.

3. Is There a New YOU Waiting To Be Discovered?

We get it, the same 'ol same 'ol hairdo, style or cut is seriously weighing you down. But when you're not ready to head to the salon and brave the scissors experimenting with different hairstyles and colors via hair extensions is the perfect way to go without committing to a new look you can't undo if you're not thrilled with the style. 

4. Hair Extensions are Just So Easy To Do.

Even if you happen to be one of those women who has some length and density to your locks, styling a head of hair takes alot of time and we're not all free to devote 1-2 hours every day to primp and go - hair extensions give you the 100% confidence you're going to look gorgeous every time. Just pop them on, curl and go!

5. When We Feel Beautiful & Polished We Feel Confident.

We would like to say that in this new age of inclusivity and all things fair and free and open that no one cares what anyone looks like but let's be honest... millions of women feel more confident and empowered with long locks. Since the beginning of time, long, silky hair has been associated with femininity and beauty, and for many women, hair extensions can help boost confidence and self-esteem. And you don't have to go super long either, a high ponytail extension or mid-length clip-in's or tape-in's can give your look a lovely little boost. Whether you have a wedding, a black tie gala to attend, any type of special  it's for a special occasion or honestly, wear extensions just because! Adding length to your locks can give you a new, fresh look and send your confidence through the roof. 

So you see, it's really as simple as choosing the style that's right for you and you're off to a brand new Y O U. Shop any one of our luxe hair extension styles and if you need some inspiration pop over to our Instagram account for daily updates!


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