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Hair Loss & Our Emotional Self

Hair Loss & Our Emotional Self

Black Woman Living with Alopecia

Oh, oh, oh yes. This is such a touchy subject but one that is so important to discuss. Hair Loss.

The thing that happens that we don't think will ever happen until it does and it can wreck havoc on our emotions, our stress levels and our mental state. 

So What's This All About? 

Hair loss and thinning hair can have a number of causes, from an underlying health condition to medications we're prescribed, family history, a sudden trauma such as a personal tragedy, divorce, even moving to a new city, starting college or even our daily grooming practices can really do a number on our hair. No matter what happened or what may have caused the condition, losing our hair can take a major toll on our sense of self worth, and our emotional well-being.

Seriously though, why is losing our hair so hard to deal with?

Truthfully, the biggest reason and the core of our emotional triggers that arise from hair loss comes from how our culture views and values H A I R. Since the beginning of time, (think of Cleopatra, Lady Guinevere in the towers, and Cinderella for gosh sakes) healthy, thick, luxurious hair has been associated with beauty, prestige, youth, vibrancy and vitality. For a woman especially, hair can signify much deeper meanings too, around her cultural identity - our hair carries some hefty importance. 

So when someone loses their hair it can churn a host of wildly insecure emotions and that in and of itself exacerbates the problem - leading to more hair loss. 

According to Black Health Matters, you might feel this seems a bit extreme, but if you are someone that hasn't experienced hair loss this can be a very deep, emotional challenge, causing for some a grief that mimics how one feels when they have lost a loved one, ended a relationship or found themselves laid off or fired. And again, illness it one of the major reasons for hair loss - be it chemotherapy or as we shared earlier, medications or treatments. According to author Tracy Chamberlain Higgenbotham, a woman living with alopecia, "I truly believe it’s just like dealing with a death, and it takes time to get through the various stages of grief around losing one's hair and self-image,”

Well, now if we haven't completely depressed you at this point please reader, stay with us, there's not only compassionate options and loads of hope, but real life solutions that will have you feeling confident and proud of yourself too. 

Let's Enhance Your Appearance & Build Some Self Confidence

We feel if it's right for you, seeking support through therapy, or a support group is helpful for so many, but definitely check with your partner, your family or your primary care physician before starting any new treatment. A wonderful way to empower yourself when it comes to hair loss is to consider a tried and true way to enhance your appearance and boost your self confidence.

Natural wigs and hair extensions.

At Rich & Bold, we have discovered the enormous impact wearing a gorgeous, chic wig or luxurious hair extensions can make on a women's sense of self. In 2023, hair extensions and wigs are one of the most requested styling option in salons and the fastest growing market in the haircare industry - everyone loves the look and the versatility of wigs and extensions. According to Sarah Morris, at age 50, she had given up or trying to grow her thinning hair. "I finally decided I am not going to deal with the stress of trying to grow my hair any longer, " she said.  “I’d had enough and asked my husband to help me shave it all off.” 

Sarah was able to locate a beautiful frontal wig in a color she loved and it became her signature look. “I realized I didn't have to be ashamed of my hair loss, now I step out more confident than I have been in years and my husband? He thinks I'm the sexiest woman in the world - can't beat that!"

So while we would never, ever diminish the emotional impact and toll hair loss can take on someone, please know you're not alone and our caring staff can guide you through the process of finding the perfect wig or hair extension style that works beautifully for your life. Just remind yourself there are millions of people just like you dealing with some form of hair loss and if you can be kind to yourself, be patient and know we're always here to help you navigate this personal challenge.

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Until next time, shine on gorgeous, be bold because when you're confident and fierce you're the richest person in the world. 


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